Post Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:10 am

Ship Rigs

As I am still ironing out this system, this will be added to when I add/change things.

first thing...
on testing server, rigs are not destroyed when removing from ship.
on live server (when we open alpha), rigs will permanently lose hitpoints when removed. there is no way to recover or repair these lost hitpoints.
it will also increase the rigs calibration cost with each removal.

RP/resoning behind this:
as rig is basically an electrical/mechanical hack to ship systems, removing this hack as a system (the rig) will cause it to be damaged.
to mitigate this damage, as it cannot be 'fixed', it will be subsequently harder to install on the next ship, thus higher calibration cost.

at this time, rigs are working quite well, and i dont foresee changing very much else with them.