Post Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:01 am

Alpha Release Preperation

hello all.
at this time, we are thinking that an alpha release is very close.
i have stopped adding new functionality to my code, and have started concentrating on server stability and current problems (implemented systems that are not working, or not working properly).

this post is just a preliminary message about what's going to happen for the alpha release server.
the current server will continue running on a different port as a test bed, with gm accounts and low market prices. the current setup will not change, except for the port number.
the alpha server will become 'main', with a new database, player-only accounts, more-correct pricing and selling of market items, scattered market order seeding, and removal of ship healing upon undocking. we are also looking at upping character attributes for faster overall training times. (no waiting 3+ months for a large ship)

as i am aware, the playerbase should (and eventually will) start creating items to be sold on the market. there are some items that will continue to be sold by npcs, but others will not be replenished when their current sell order runs out. i am saying this so players will think about what they want to do, and make plans accordingly.

as usual, anyone can reply to this post with comments, suggestions, critiques, ideas, etc.