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Basic Status'

Alasiya Main
Server Version: Crucible
Server status: Online
Users online:
PORT: 26000

Alasiya Test
Server Version: Crucible
Server status: Offline
PORT: 26005

Alasiya Dev
Server Version: Crucible
Server status: Offline
PORT: 26010

News header

Welcome to Alasiya EvE, based on code by the EvEmu Team.
We are running an Experimental server for Crucible, named Alasiya, using official EvEmu source from master branch.
This server is autoaccount, usually up 24/7, and is testing for stability, playability, and 'feel' of the game.

We also have Alasiya Test, running the staging branch from official EvEmu source.
This server is also usually up 24/7, and testing whatever updates are pushed to staging branch.

Then, there is Alasiya-Dev, which is my development server.
My Dev server is running on a different machine, and only online when I'm coding/testing/bugfixing.
The running version depends on what I'm working on, and can be any of master branch, staging branch, or my own branch.

Updated information about both servers can be found in the info screen after login.

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Thanks for stopping by.

Latest update: 28 Sept 21

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